flippin’ brilliant Beatles Kleptones mashup

The Beatles with a little help from their friends

Kleptones – Come Again (Beatles vs Rare Earth vs Beaties vs Daft Punk vs Cypress Hill vs Boston) Video by Crumbs Chief from The Videotones on Vimeo.

Beatles vs the Rest of the World in this Kleptones mash from Uptime / Downtime – includes Boston, Cypress Hill, Daft Punk, Beasties, Criminal Element Orchestra, Freeez and many many more in this epic extravaganza of a 1,000 dancers by video artists Crumbs Chief. Flippin’ brilliant

It’s the Stupid, Economy.

Here’s my tuppence worth on the economy. Don’t engage in reckless new borrowing or reckless new cutting. Focus on the fundamentals. Cut programmes that don’t enhance productivity. Spend more on those that do. Er, that’s it.