Goodbye digital marketing, hello marketing in a digital world

Even Forrester is getting in on the act. Mind you, they were in it from the beginning.

A chicken and egg argument over the future of agencies
A chicken and egg argument over the future of agencies

Edward Boches has weighed in on this stuff on his blog

And his comments echo mine, that none of this is really news to anyone evolving the agency model, and perhaps the answer is really simple after all. Stop talking about agencies, and start talking about how brands need ideas to get closer to consumers, in way people can a) remember and b) believe in.

Engagement still matters here, as the product of everyone’s effort. And consumer participation remains fundamental to every engaging experience.

Which is all the more important when you consider the limited trust in advertising a recent research study you can reach here implies. As low as 1 in 3 trust ads in America. Now is that because so many ads are rubbish? Or because the average citizen is exposed to so many it’s a miracle he remembers anything at all? You decide.

The world does need a new way of doing all this agency stuff.

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