Seven predictions about the future of advertising

American media commentators love lists. A bit like Heat magazine. What’s up, what’s down. And I love this piece (7 predictions) onFast Company spotted by the social organising principal Herdmeister.

  1. Both push and pull advertising will continue to work and will show growth once the economy rebounds.
  2. TV will remain an attractive advertising option.
  3. Media companies will create synergy for properties across platforms (e.g. watch the TV show, interact with the show on TV or online) and offer integrated sponsorships to advertisers.
  4. Advertisers will form integrated marketing teams and choose from a broad range of media strategies, sometimes driven by reach, sometimes driven by digitally-enabled targeted engagement approaches.
  5. Marketers will embrace social media as the integration of advertising, PR, customer care, and research.
  6. Retail will become increasingly powerful, encouraging more shopper marketing.
  7. Advertisers will continue to think globally and will become increasingly multi-cultural in the U.S

Nice one Joel. Not sure how true 7 is though.

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