Seven predictions about the future of advertising

American media commentators love lists. A bit like Heat magazine. What’s up, what’s down. And I love this piece (7 predictions) onFast Company spotted by the social organising principal Herdmeister. Both push and pull advertising will continue to work and will show growth once the economy rebounds. TV will remain an attractive advertising option. Media […]

Digital Britannica

Today at 4pm would be a good time to bury bad news in the media sector, says this tweet. ITV isn’t recomissioning Primeval, that weird ‘lads and dads’ show featuring rather dangerous looking overgrown turkey chicks. ITN is doomed. Channel 4 will merge with ‘a bit’ of the BBC. 3000 BBC staff to go. Channel […]

American Airlines Website Disaster

Excellent post by Jeremiah Owyang at on how corporate websites become the victim of overloaded stakeholder requirements. He’s even come up with a neat acronym SNOWED = Stakeholder Needs Overwhelm Experience Design to help us remember the problem. Mind you, anyone involved in Big Company Websites knows it. Well done to Dustin Curtis for […]