Digital Britain Unconference now online

digital britain unconference report
digital britain unconference report

Over the past couple of weeks the Digital Britain Unconference has been gaining momentum with report from across the country being edited and compiled into a single document submitted to BERR this week. Here’s my comment as signatory (and erstwhile London Unconference editor) of this superb example of people coming together through a combination of interactive technologies and meetups for the greater good of the nation.

This report is not an example of ‘citizen journalism’. Nor is it just ‘user generated content’. It is a solid and co-ordinated effort by a considerable number of smart and committed people, living by the keystroke, connecting as individuals, with concrete belief that Britain has to be a successful and leading country in all aspects of the digital world.

To package such a wide variety of knowledgeable opinion and recommendation in a short space of time is a terrific example of how Digital Britain can be far more than the sum of its parts. I am delighted put my name to the report.

Alastair Duncan
London N16

The full report can be read here Digital Britain Unconference Report

Congratulations are due to Kathryn Corrick, Bill Thompson and Tom de Grunwald who pulled this whole thing together along with all the Unconference organisers around the country. BERR are now reading the report ‘with interest’. Likewise.