Random media snapshot, predicting Saturday and Sunday.

Monday. Radio 4 at 6.55am. The Guardian, Media Section. Sports pages. Beautifully written nostalgia piece about John Boorman’s 1963 film on Swindon Town football club. Twitter erratically all day. Between meals. Between meetings. During meetings. Eventually get to do some Digital TV channel hopping at 10pm.

Tuesday. See the FT early, grab a few headlines. Twitter erratically all day. See if the rugby I missed (see kids’ media later) is on red button since it’s 6am. It isn’t. Bugger. Day disappears in creative blur. Mad Men on BBC Four later about does it.

Wednesday. Brand Republic Digital Bulletin. PR Week bulletin. Brand Republic News Bulletin. Brand Republic Blog posts, Brand Republic Forum. Post Brand Republic Post at Blogging for Food, Campaign Bulletin. Twitter erratically all day, noting Gordon’s Republic tweet. (that’s enough Brand Republic plugging). Read Liz Hunt’s column in the Telegraph. Post a comment on the site. (That’s enough Liz Hunt plugging as well.)

Thursday. FT again. It’s getting depressing. ‘Bail-out’ replaced by ‘quantitative ease’. Marketing Magazine and Media Week arrive, though not in person. The good news is that dating sites see increased revenue. Er that’s it. ITV f***ked. 19th century gloom from 20th century businesses. These publications are getting thinner. (other good news is so am I – my get fit in 09 plan is working.)

Friday. Give up. Read school newsletter instead. Realise it’s last week’s. Take afternoon off to collect kids from school. In the shop they bombard me with requests for chocolate stars and magazines. For media innocents, they are media savvy. And fooled by packaging. Saturday. Kids media. Everywhere.  Outside. Erratically listen to Radio 4 and XFM on way to various kid sports events. Sunday. Buy paper, only see 5% of it. I persist. Captain’s log says seen 6%. Along the way, but I’m not entirely sure how, I’ve seen lots of unmemorable TV commercials, looked at a few press ads, one for Intel appears in the FT every day somehow, added an application I was involved in sponsoring to Facebook, and consumed hundreds ‘metropolis’ media messages on the tube, at Piccadilly, on the bus and in the back of a cab. And twittered erratically all week.

Summary – bought media six newpapers, random media Radio 4 and XFM. Watched snippets of 9 channels in the higher number affix (BBC 4, ITV 3) bracket. (Counts as bought media as weeny % of TV subscription). Online mostly when sitting down, twittering erratically when standing up. Iphone big in my media world. Webmail is too, but crap ads in Hotmail are genuinely annoying. Guys, I don’t need to check my credit rating ffs. And Facebook, I’m not looking for a date. Or a single. Or a snorg.

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