Julie Burchill can’t text. And thinks Twitter is for boring twats.

Yesterday was Ada Lovelace day. Thousands of bloggers celebrated the world’s first lady programmer. Today’s bitter morning after pill is Julie Burchill in the Sun slagging off anyone who pumps driveling status updates on tweetdeck into the unlistening, uncaring ether. Have you heard of Ada Lovelace? She was Byron’s daughter and worked briefly with Charles […]

Random media snapshot, predicting Saturday and Sunday.

Monday. Radio 4 at 6.55am. The Guardian, Media Section. Sports pages. Beautifully written nostalgia piece about John Boorman’s 1963 film on Swindon Town football club. Twitter erratically all day. Between meals. Between meetings. During meetings. Eventually get to do some Digital TV channel hopping at 10pm. Tuesday. See the FT early, grab a few headlines. […]