It’s #followfriday. Follow me to the pub instead.

#followfriday is a neat little twitteration where twitters recommend people to follow. As Shel points out in a tweet just now (zillions of followers it’s still a pleasant enough feeling to get a lift of followers every now and then. Today’s great piece in the Financial Times Sweet to Tweet points out that hard core Twitterers frown upon blatant self promotion, and apart from the occasional link here and there offering a twitterfeed, finding you really is rather more important in Twitterville than you finding them. Tricky one for brands. How many brands are recommended in #followfriday do we think? A quick survey of 100 recommendations furnished just these two choices, not necessarily brands you may know.

I think I’ll go for the vegan option today. But first to the pub for some rugby action. Happy Friday!

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