It’s #followfriday. Follow me to the pub instead.

#followfriday is a neat little twitteration where twitters recommend people to follow. As Shel points out in a tweet just now (zillions of followers it’s still a pleasant enough feeling to get a lift of followers every now and then. Today’s great piece in the Financial Times Sweet to Tweet points out that hard […]

WPP says digital will be a third of business revenue this year

No wonder everyone is arguing over revenue. It is an enormous quandary for the leaders of the networks to deal with. Do you encourage digital talent to be together in specialist shops, or try to sprinkle digital magic dust across the traditional firms? Answers on a postcard pls @AlastairDuncan

Plus ça change

Back from a glorious skiing effort in the Jura Mountains, which explains the recent blog post free time on Sorry about that, but I don’t recommend blogging and driving, nor twittering and driving. I can see why Gordon Brown isn’t getting his round in at various global summits. The pound has shrunk in value […]