Doodle earth

Another lovely participation event – artists from all over have created projections that kids can sketch over with markers. Currently at the BFI on the South Bank, just along from our office.

consumer participation, at knee height
consumer participation, at knee height

Imedia brand summit

Top class presence from Clients and friends at the imedia brand summit this week. 360 times better than the Media 360 event, according to several Clients I met there. Matt Hopgood from the BBC, Peter Ward from WAYN, Anne Foster from NMA, Simon Shipley from Intel stepped up to the Digital Leadership panel moderated by yours truly. We discussed a wide ranging set of issues, and got top feedback from the audience of the UK’s leading brands. Woohoo. I’m still amazed at how much exciting stuff there is to do taking brands to market in the digital world. See my post on brand republic for more details.

imedia UK _Alastair_Duncan

Participation Painting – with Yoko Ono

At the tasting sessions with old friends this week – London’s first snowfall evening – I grab the opportunity to participate in Yoko Ono’s participation painting experience. She cuts out ‘I LOVE YOU’ in a piece of acrylic and lays that over a canvas. You add your bit, and after a while, she removes the acrylic leaving the words ‘I LOVE YOU’ painted on the canvas. Canvases from exhibitions around the world go to New York for the grand finale. It’s pretty cool and goes to show that participation is not just for postmodern marketers. She’s been doing it since 1966 apparently. After bagism, UGC is all you need.

Yoko Ono Painting