ad:tech London update

Well done everyone who came to Ad Tech to hear the panel sessions. MRM Worldwide Session One – “can brands be friends” – with a great panel discussing some pretty hairy topics around where advertising is going, and how the always on consumer leads us to need always on brand communication strategies. Can brands be friends? Probably not, said the panel, but we concluded that they can be friendly. This event was one of the most highly attended at Ad Tech this year, so kudos to the panel.

Thanks as well to Simon from Intel and Rob from Microsoft for doing the follow up MRM Worldwide Session Two ‘the workshop’, were we got into the detail of some of the work we’ve been doing here at MRM Worldwide with those brands. We turned around a cynical (though tiny) audience of social media experts who begrudgingly admitted everyone was doing a pretty good job.

the agency of the future
The agency of the future

And today, the Japanese delegation and the early risers got to see the full flow of the networks versus the micronetworks versus the independent in the agency of the future debate, MRM Worldwide Session Three – hosted by Nigel Morris from Isobar. Will agencies exist in the future? Probably, but not like they are today. This debate was really good fun. Jason Goodman showed the Skype Nomad thing, Marc from GT talked about xbox and Neil from Avenue A Razorfish talked about how complicated it was all becoming, and I talked about the different competitive advantages agencies have and how the business needs of brand owners varies so dramatically.

Excellent stuff. At least the Japanese seemed to think so.

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