The power of natural search – Orange nil points, Messenger 90!

Orange has eschewed the campaign URL in its latest campaign “I am” where the payoff asks consumers to search for “I am everyone”. When you do, you get a paid link to click on. The first natural link however, is for a site called “I am bored”, and there is no sign of Orange in the natural rankings at all.

As a control test, I searched for Minimise me, MRM Worldwide UK’s latest work for Windows Live Messenger, and the URL is number 1 link, as indeed are all the following links (on Google). I was amazed to find that minimise-me and the personalisable emoticons dominated the top 100 search listings – literally, 90+ of the top 100.


Which is the cleverest strategy? Which is the cleverest work? You decide.iam-search.jpg

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