Microsoft’s new main man on stage at Microsoft WPC

So here he is, Mr Ballmer on stage at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in a shot taken on my mobile (Windows Mobile 6.0 of courseĀ  šŸ˜‰


HeĀ opened with a round of chanting ‘Partner, Partners, Partners!’ before settling down to give a good 20 minute talk on the direction for the company. At the Q&A he refused to be drawn on the Yahoo deal / non-deal, andĀ said that he’s motivated by challenges when asked how he can take over the role filled by Bill Gates for so long. He also explained how Microsoft will stay a tech company but that he does see advertising as aĀ developing and complementary revenue stream…. though integration between MS products / services and advertising will of course be handled carefully

Anyway, back to another session…Ā 

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