No fags no guns no dogs

alastair_duncan in HoustonThis just about sums up Houston. The [very blurry pictured] stickers at the airport (or at least the gun one) surprised me on my first visit to Compaq, once Houston’s own computer giant, now swallowed up and spat out by Hewlett Packard in one of the biggest tech mergers of all time. We were doing in those days, so trips to Houston brought back some fond memories. Travis where are you now?I know where Marty is 🙂

Today I’m at the Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference (as a Gold Certified Partner ;-0) to get the vision first hand. I appear to be in a hotel full of Scandinavian developers drinking Mexican beer. I make out the words Shilverlight and Microshoft interspersed amongst their intense gutteral chatter, and try national brand word association to pass the time. Sweden. Volvo. Denmark. Carlsberg. Norway. Er, fjords, um, Grieg. Finland. Nokia. I guess it’s four in the morning for everyone. I look forward to meeting Steve again tomorrow. Although the focus of this event is software and solutions, the role of Microsoft as a player in the marketing space is one I’m interested in hearing about first hand. All advertising will be digital. Soon.

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