Boss Buzz Bingo

Wank word bingo 2.0 (oops sorry, 3.0) is ‘boss speak’. Lucy Kellaway, who writes an excellent column in the FT has been campaigning against the ridiculous language that has, for some time now, crept into the daily vernacular of business. We do go on about Plain English here at MRM Worldwide UK, as for so much of the international work we do it is essential to convert content we get into International English before translating into seventeen or so languages and publishing on websites around the world. Cultural neutrality is increasingly important in international business, rather more so, imho, than baseball analogies. Boss speak bingo

Signing in can be fun!

Having just set up an OpenID account at I was impressed with the account authentication they are using called ImageShieldâ„¢.

Check out a demo at or opening an account at just to experience it.

What struck me was how playful it is, how it must utilise good tagging (which is at the forefront of my mind at the moment because of how impressed I am with flickr – incredibly good hit rate for images corresponding to a city based search – a great example of how well user-based tagging can work) and what a good Turing test it is.

A serious purpose but well designed and fun.

Can Brands Be Friends?

Fabulous discussion on the stage at Cannes today with a world class panel, consisting of Blake Chandlee (Facebook), Jay Stevens (MySpace), Alex Schlaubitz (Intel) Antti Ohrling (Blyk) and Michael McLaren (McCann Erickson).

I posed questions on a series of topics ranging from how brands should behave in the new world to new formats and attitudes.

MRM Worldwide at Cannes 08

In summary. Facebook is a utility, and needs to establish the right business model to connect brands to the 80 million frequent users. A dream for advertisers in potential efficiency, but a challenge for advertising, to develop the right formats and language that is effective in this space. MySpace connects communities, and is interested in helping brands recognise that if there is a value exchange with the community, brand credibility goes up. Both Blake and Jay commented on how brands actually get support from their communities when those brands are criticised. Intel definitely has taken a position of a brand that wants to be successful in the new space. It has already developed strong ‘social media’ and ‘social network’ presence that has established permission for the brand as a listener and active participant. Blyk (which has 100k members in the UK right now) sees itself as a business that has established a successful value exchange with its membership by remaining absolutely relevant and providing only relevant messages to members (who get free texts and calls in return.) It only targets 16-24 year olds who profile themselves deeply. Michael McLaren expressed the need for brands to ‘grow ears’ in order to succeed. By listening to customers, brands can develop better relationships based on the conversation, rather than the one way message.

Thanks also to Matt Mayes who presented his Seismic Shift in Advertising piece as as a thought starter for the session. We have moved from an old media dominance to the place (here right now by the way) where the internet is the medium consumers are paying most attention to. It’s a pretty exciting world.

People who say “huge” should be shot

You know the type.
“That’s a huge idea.” (If I blow it out of all proportion I shall buy myself time to get out of the room.)
“That’s a huge opportunity.” (This pitch is a hospital pass.)
“This is huge.” (I’d like you to work all night.)

So if I ever say huge, shoot me. (Metaphorical reference to honesty box.)

Can Brands be friends?

Big day today when our Cannes seminar plays host to Blake Chandlee from Facebook, Jay Stevens from MySpace, Alex Schlaubitz from Intel and Annti Ohrling from Blyk on the subject of whether brands can be friends. It’s a world class panel, and we will have a world class debate. Having looked at the subjects covered this year, I do think the industry needs a bit of focus, as the topics are far and wide. Nice article in Adweek about the role Cannes continues to play in the industry, and its relative importance. P&G have sent a large delegation, as have most of the agencies. Digital remains a very hot topic, and I think our view on creating platforms and seductive utility for consumers will, in the end, win over the window dressing of ideas from another age.

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the original fingerskilz

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Why do politicians behave like 10 year old girls?

Celebrities and the internet have strengthened their hold on young women, leaving little room for advertisers, teachers or politicians to influence their opinions and behaviour, according to a survey (by the Girl Guides, no less). Only 2% of those surveyed could name a female politician, and another 2% said they were influenced by advertisers. 42% claimed celebrities were their greatest influence, closely followed by the internet, outside of friends and family. Thank god for friends and family, then.

Mind you it would be safe to assume that a survey of politicians would get the same result. How many MPs would be able to name three female celebrities? Probably 2%. How many MPs would claim to be influenced by advertising? 2%? 3%? And how many MPs would claim to be influenced by what they read on the internet, or that they had been been influenced by their teachers?

MPs might have more in common with the average 16 year old girl than we think. Here’s what Girlguiding UK says. “Understanding how our members consume their news and form their opinions helps [us] support them in making the many different and difficult decisions [they] face today. Female friends play a very influential role in this process which is why our varied programme provided in a safe girl-only environment, is designed to help our young members develop confidence in their individual views and opinions — giving them the self-assurance to make the best choices and decisions for them.”

Now swap female for MP and see what happens.

“Understanding how our members consume their news and form their opinions helps [us] support them in making the many different and difficult decisions [they] face today. [Parliamentary] friends play a very influential role in this process which is why our varied programme provided in a safe [MP]-only environment, is designed to help our [old] members develop confidence in their individual views and opinions — giving them the self-assurance to make the best choices and decisions for them.”

Will we see Boris or Gordon with a rolled up copy of Smash Hits soon? Crikey.