Boss Buzz Bingo

Wank word bingo 2.0 (oops sorry, 3.0) is ‘boss speak’. Lucy Kellaway, who writes an excellent column in the FT has been campaigning against the ridiculous language that has, for some time now, crept into the daily vernacular of business. We do go on about Plain English here at MRM Worldwide UK, as for so […]

Signing in can be fun!

Having just set up an OpenID account at I was impressed with the account authentication they are using called ImageShieldâ„¢. Check out a demo at or opening an account at just to experience it. What struck me was how playful it is, how it must utilise good tagging (which is at the […]

Can Brands Be Friends?

Fabulous discussion on the stage at Cannes today with a world class panel, consisting of Blake Chandlee (Facebook), Jay Stevens (MySpace), Alex Schlaubitz (Intel) Antti Ohrling (Blyk) and Michael McLaren (McCann Erickson). I posed questions on a series of topics ranging from how brands should behave in the new world to new formats and attitudes. […]

Why do politicians behave like 10 year old girls?

Celebrities and the internet have strengthened their hold on young women, leaving little room for advertisers, teachers or politicians to influence their opinions and behaviour, according to a survey (by the Girl Guides, no less). Only 2% of those surveyed could name a female politician, and another 2% said they were influenced by advertisers. 42% […]