London Dot Net User Group Event at MRM this Wednesday

This coming Wednesday (21st of May from 6pm) we’re hosting the Dot Net User Group’s May event dubbed ‘Put your webforms to REST – how to build rest-y architectures with .net’. The lively Sebastien Lambla is presenting and will discuss REST architectures, ASP.NET MVC and probably how his own project, Rasta, fits into the mix. […]

ä½ å¥½æˆ‘çš„ç‘žå…¸æœ‹å‹ (Hello my Swedish Friends)

For those of you that haven’t seen Jack Black’s latest movie romp Be Kind Rewind I can recommend it for two reasons. It’s a highly amusing take on amateur filmmaking (what we now call User Generated Content) and introduces the term sweded into the filmgoer’s vocabulary. Sweded refers to the film remakes knocked up by […]

30 years of SPAM!

Last Saturday’s iPM (Radio4) has a piece about Richard Jones, who’s saved every piece of SPAM he’s received since 1997. An interesting archive that charts the rise and rise of junk email which has its 30th birthday this week. Check it out on Listen Again or iPlayer – it’s towards the end. Anyway, I thought […]


Following Marty’s lead – a blog entry by mobile. I’ll be signing up to twitter before you know it. Just returning from Intel Proud galleries inaugural gig. It was great! Check out the website at where you can upload your band’s songs and vote for others. It was good to be reminded that the […]