800lb gorilla still in digital room

cadburywebsite.jpgBack to Campaign’s offices for another venture into the Digital Essay. I was quite cross with many of my colleagues at the round table who seemed reluctant to take a position on strategy and spent rather too long imho talking about the Sony Bravia and Cadbury’s Gorilla TV executions. One great telly ad for a great telly doth not a digitally literate industry make, however, although one has to admire Fallon’s ability to do these blockbuster ads with some panache. With regard to the Gorilla – it’s an execution that reminds me of the death throes of cigarette advertising which most of you will be too young to remember. Advertising appeared featuring weird Benson and Hedges pyramids, and the sadly late great Paul Arden’s Silk Cuts. When you could no longer say anything about the product, the advertising itself had to become the substantiation. It’s certainly been cut through and memorable, but I happen to think far more credit for Cadbury’s sales boost (excuse the pun, chocoholics) is due to the excellent job of rationalising the countlines under the Dairy Milk brand and the packaging work. Just check out any garage sweet counter to see what I mean. Nobody seemed to have a point of view on the digital work, other than it “supported” the TV ad. No doubt it will win big at Cannes.

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