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Back from the first UK imedia conference where, amongst other highlights, I met with Malcolm Gluck of Superplonk fame at a wine tasting session with a gaggle of Britain’s brightest digerati. He is a marvellously unreconstructed presenter, and top tipple tips flowed easily all round fuelled by the Co-op’s finest fiver a bottle Sauvignon. No longer should the rich and famous worry about the price of a pint of milk, rather they should be able to tell a fruity Yarumba Pinot Grigio is only £6.99 in 700 stores across the land.
Matt Mayes’ opening sermon on the inheritors of the digital earth went down rather well too. I think these events are great to catch up with the latest thinking from our peers, and am pleased to report that we are pretty well up there with it here in London. The usual themes apply – how to organise for the future, who is organised today (not very many shops btw), new agency business models (good natter with Johnny from Anomaly), talent, behavioural targeting, consumer centricity versus brand centricity – and as always, a plethora of kind modern sponsors from Vibrant Media to Phorm looking to link up with media decision makers and influencers.
One hot topic was the discussion on talent in our industry. We’ve often said that there is a missing generation Continue reading “imedia connection agency summit”

Google and the NSPCC

I went to a dinner hosted by Google and the NSPCC this week and I was pleased and uplifted to see what great work they are doing to help children in trouble using digital platforms. They talked about an online service which is currently only soft launched but is already hugely successful which connects children with NSPCC and Childline advisors online. You can just browse through the advice content to find support or if you need more you can visit the forums, email or chat with an advisor. Providing this kind of support within the mediums that children feel most comfortable with is a great way of extending the help and support orgainisation such as the NSPCC provide. Plus online provides the added benefit of being a less exposed communication tool than the telephone – encouraging more children to use it who may have been too intimidated to pick up the phone as a first response. This is a fantastic endeavour and worthy of support.