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designers and developers make up thx 2 Microsoft software

More exciting stuff for Microsoft – encouraging new approaches in the age old battle between the web designer and the web developer. This may be a little bit too much information for some (particularly those pretending to “put digital at the centre” these days) but for those who are really in the know in the world of web, there has always been angst and other great scrabble words dividing the developer and designer communities. Unlayered photoshop files, for example, or file structures, or nomenclature, or “here’s a pdf, please turn into HTML” and so on. Bad memories for many, but still going on across the industry.

A couple of the team here developed a while back a lovely thing called “bridging the stairwell” which brought designers and developers together to solve problems together, with some new understanding of each other’s disciplines around a shared belief in quality output and easier working. Funnily enough, Microsoft have been developing a new suite of tools to help crack this, and this viral (or should I say social media) campaign has been launched to promote it. It’s also been developed in Silverlight, (which really is the latest technology and we’re dead pleased with that) and you can see it here.

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