Customer Service wins out again

Having flown across the Atlantic more times than one’s carbon footprint can take in the past month, I was interested to see that Virgin Atlantic has topped an online customer advocacy survey.

I can see why. Every little detail is thought through. They want you to have a good time. Nobody likes being cooped up 30,000 feet up travelling at 300 miles per hour, when all you want to do is sleep or arrive at your destination. And referenceability for airlines is so important, so if you have a bad time, you’ll know about it. Twenty years ago I went to Australia, and booked a ticket on Malaysian Airlines for what seemed to me to be a lot of money at the time. I remember chatting to a colleague at work about it, and he said “Oh yes, they are the best to Australia aren’t they.” I had no idea why he said that, or on what basis, but it made me feel hugely better about such an expensive trip and confident in my purchase. How do we measure that? Give Virgin Atlantic it’s due – it’s making a huge effort as a company to get my confidence.

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