Strategy takes the stage

There’s a new Forrester report on interactive agencies in the US doing the rounds ( ) that tells us agencies (at least the ones Forrester reviewed) need to try harder to effect ‘proper’ marketing strategy for clients, despite the increased centre stage opportunities presented by the the seismic shift in advertising.

Encouraged though I am to read of pockets of excellence in actually changing client strategy and re-evaluation of the generally quite large budgets previously earmarked for TV, (this blog passim), I do agree that there is some way to go before we make the entire world of marketing our own. The Forrester analyst indicated that US marketers are looking increasingly to integrate interactive marketing, and are placing pressure on the agency networks to reorganise themselves to deliver that. I was mildly surprised of course as I thought that we had it all sorted already.

It is a big question for the experienced digital marketing community, though. Should we adjust the course of the mother ship holding companies/big agencies/traditional shop or happily bank the $6 billion investment from Microsoft as aQuantive has this year? Answers on a blogpost please…

I’m quite into Forrester at the moment. The European Interactive Agency Wave reviewed my agency recently too. We did pretty well, being described as a “strong performer” and “good fit for Clients with significant data who want to go to market on the web”. They liked the whole principle of participation marketing thinking (who doesn’t?) as an answer to how to combine the best of user experience and an understanding of technology platforms with a modern approach to brand communication. And we got mentioned in another study about Where to get help with Web Analytics too. Must be doing something right.

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