Bloggers are bullies and crowds are stupid

I wrote a post in July entitled ‘Citizen Journalists‘ commenting on how no piece of television news journalism is complete these days without ‘user generated’ mobile phone video footage, or an aerial photograph sourced from Google. So I was intrigued and inspired by the transcript of an interview with with Adam Curtis (creator of ‘The Trap’ and ‘The Power of Nightmares’) on the Register recently.

The basic tenet of his argument is that the media elite lost it’s grip on reporting global events around the time that the Berlin wall came down. They went from being the people who’s job it was to provide us with information and perspective on what was happening in the world, to being just as clueless as the average man in the street. He then goes on to propose that what has replaced perspective and journalistic integrity is a facilitation of user-generated, on-the-scene, as it happens style of reporting aided by the internet.

The two big problems that come out of this, Curtis argues, are: firstly that journalists now stick to the middle ground to avoid upsetting bullying bloggers on both the extreme left and right; and secondly, analysis of, and insight into world events is left to ‘The Crowd’. And the crowd is stupid. Innit?

His argument is summarised in this video snippet from Charlie Brooker’s excellent Screen Wipe

You can make up your own mind, I have no insight to add.

MRM FC 5 Candover Hurricanes 0

The team:
Augustin Neuve-Eglise
Bob Sakoui
Jack Poynter
Lyndon Fasanya
Stefano Dell’Olio
Leighton Edridge
Neil Bhirangi
Jeremy Flax

Yesterday 20th November after the last defeated, we were focused on winning this match. We did it.

We started with authority and confidence; we scored 3 goals in 5 minutes. The first 2 goals had the Leighton’s signature and the third was a masterpiece by Jack.

The other team was a bit embarrassed and it wasn’t able to react. Jack was the king of the night…he scored other two goals that allowed us to win definitely.


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The Mobile Killer App

There are almost 3 billion mobile phones in this world… but what is it going to take to get mobile internet to be ubiquitous?
We need applications people are going to want to use.

One crazy idea I had was to develop a Facebook mobile app which can find users’ profiles based on a mobile phone pic! May sound creepy, but the technology is probably already here and it would stimulate debate about privacy – remember you can lock out your profile to strangers if you want.

What other killer mobile apps can we come up with?