Walk and talk

There’s a Facebook group called I secretly want to punch slow walking people in the back of the head. Is this silent urban protest or opportunity for citizens’ juries to decide on pavement speed limits? The good news for the group is that we are genuinely walking faster through cities than we were ten years […]

From preaching to practice

It’s usually up to us as agencies and brands to decide what’s best for a target audience but new agency Nonsense have turned that around. In true participation marketing style they’ve chosen to let their audience decide what their website’s going to look like. Like any normal campaign, they’ve formulated a brief. However, instead of […]

Shop and Becks

Remember the memory game from childhood? I went to market and bought a pig; a donkey; a packet of crisps; some cheese and so on. Educational psychologists may tell you that children can remember up to seven things quite well, beyond that each extra thing becomes harder to cope with. Rather like pints of lager. […]

Creep scope

Radiohead are putting out their new album online. It sounds a bit like that patronising AA commercial where the mother tells her son she has bought her insurance (pause, wry smile,) online. ‘If the music is rubbish, nobody will download it,’ argues a disgruntled record label executive. They can only do this because they’re not […]