Participation football sponsorship

sponsoredbyyou.jpgNationwide Building Society have taken the concept of football sponsorship and developed it into a smart new way to drive customer engagment and to re-enforce brand values.

The idea is that they will take the usual assets you get from football sponsorship (advertising, unique opportunities to meet and interact with the team etc) and instead of using these for themselves will offer them to their customers. By registering on you get the chance to win one of these unique opportunities which include seeing you name on billboards at the matches, or have your child lead out your favourite team. It’s a brilliant idea. Not only because it encourages participation, but also because as an idea its not just interaction for the sake of interaction. It is grounded in the values and DNA of the Nationwide brand, really bringing to life the core Nationwide proposition of being a mutual building society, owned by its customers not its shareholders.



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