Turbo capitalism, hippies and why work together online…

There was a great article in the press today discussing “turbo capitalism”.

The complaint was against a burger chain. The injured is a Berlin suburb who believe that the lifestyle of their children will be changed “from lunches of sandwiches and apples to less healthy alternatives.”

Its an interesting dynamic – each with their own right-to-sell and right-to-not-buy… The burger chain vs. the community with the highest consumption of organic food in Europe…

“Turbo capitalism” is much less easy for brands online. If we want long-term relationships we need great creative ideas; ideas that delight communities and get them involved in what you believe in (our brands stand for something don’t they? – ED)

Setting-up shop in the right place and turning up the buzz is part of the mix but online communities don’t stick around if you challange their culture.

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