Digital Shoplifting

According to a report on the BBC News site, it seems like magazine publishers in Japan are getting jittery over the current trend amongst young Japanese women of sharing pictures of magazine content.

The publishers call it ‘information theft’, and it has probably be going on for as long as camera phones have been around, only it has taken this long for the publishers to find a reason to be scared about it.

Reminds me of the good old days, when Napster let the MP3 download genie out of the bottle. The recording industry fat cats caught on late, panicked and instead of approaching the situation with intelligence and creativity tried to stuff the genie back in by attempting to criminalize the activity, throwing lots of lawyers at the situation and drafting in the likes of Metallica (whose credibility instantly took a nose dive) to support their cause.

In the meantime, Steve Jobs (amongst others), realized that people aren’t necessarily motivated by getting something for nothing, a revolution was born and the fat cats retreated to lick their wounds (and sue the odd 13 year old for kicks). Or so the fairy tale goes.

The moral of this story: when the genie is out it’s already to late, time to get creative.

Follow this link for inspiration on how to survive beyond traditional publishing.

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