Aching for a Wii

I’ve been wanting to get a Wii for months. My excuse was that I should really get to know the product for the sake of understanding the latest trends in interaction and game design. But that was clearly a load of balls. However, this weekend I couldn’t resist any longer and bought one for my […]

Digital Shoplifting

According to a report on the BBC News site, it seems like magazine publishers in Japan are getting jittery over the current trend amongst young Japanese women of sharing pictures of magazine content. The publishers call it ‘information theft’, and it has probably be going on for as long as camera phones have been around, […]

Beta Consumers

Gaming is seeing a massive leap forward in participation marketing. Video games that cost film budgets to produce are entering a new level of immersion and complexity. For years all games were sold through demo versions. Beta keys are what its about this season. You let hundreds of thousands of gamers have an almost finished […]

The 6th P

The 6th P is Permission. In a client meeting the other day where I was discussing what we meant by Participation Marketing with one of our clients and he said… there is of course a 6th P and that is Permission. The classic 4 P’s of marketing, emerged in the 1960s. These were Product, Pricing, […]

‘Citizen journalists’

People sending their ‘at the scene’ footage of events, as they unfold, to newsdesks is no longer a novelty. The TimesOnline reports today on how the events of last week have served to highlight the increasing quantity and quality of first-hand, user generated content ‘Images of terrorism captured by ‘citizen journalists‘ As well as the […]