Cannes Lions 2007

Reuben cracks a gag

Alastair confuses Japanese delegates by mentioning Deep Vein Thrombosis in his speech

The weather is hot, the sun is shining, the McCann yacht is moored in the harbour and Reuben and Alastair storm Cannes with The Age of Participation.

In this session, Reuben Hendell and Alastair Duncan will explore the trend of consumers ‘self serving’ their way to brands in the digital world. Now that brands must create strategies for communications that enable consumers to participate with the brand on their own terms and, more importantly, in their own time; interaction, exchange, sharing and involvement are redefining traditional creative currencies. For brands to be successful, they have to be strong enough to warrant permission from the consumer to be enjoyed, remembered, explored and bought in the constant experience that is the digital ecosystem. This session demonstrates how combining new skills in creativity with interactivity, creates engagement properties that generate the desire among target audiences, to give real time to the brand, and live well in the digital world.

No nerves this time nor were there any (well not that many) last minute preparations at the Carlton Hotel. The presentation was very well received by the Cannes delegates in the Debussy theatre. Reuben started the presentation full of confidence and bravado with a joke about a client, a hot air balloon and an agency guy – it got a huge laugh from the audience. Alastair then developed the theme of participation and showed some case studies from around the MRM network.

Throughout the presentation, there were video clips of our new Sky client Scott Gallacher, reinforcing our participation marketing story. The Fingerskilz film got a massive round of applause from the audience – a rare accolade. Ms Dewey was featured along with another MSN project, Conspiracy. Well done to everyone involved in these projects, this has been a big day for MRM Worldwide.

With good representation from the London office, Alastair, Matt M, Lojo, Dave B, Damien, Dave R, Pedro, Matt G, Gino, Mobbie and Ben, we will be having a quiet night in playing scrabble and not burning a hole in IP’s credit card – big big thanks to IP : )

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