Gamers are a funny bunch

Hardcore video gamers are using all this technology we’ve been building since the 70s to make their own science fiction.

Anybody that’s played a recent video game on widesceen, wearing headphones, pumping out 125 frames per second at high definition, will full FX switched on, running on a quad-core with DirectX 10 videocard across a 10mbit pipe kind of knows what I am talking about.

The backdrop is as good as any Kubrick movie. People look like people. Everybody walks, runs and even falls over properly. Things are like, well… proper things. And you can be whoever you want to be. Really, anybody.

Gaming is so much fun that it is dominating the lives of millions of men – and a substantial percentage of women. At the last count there were 30 million dedicated gamers living in the UK, France and Germany alone. 1 in 5 takes gaming very seriously.

Gaming is mainstream-underground. It has a culture that is open to millions but keeps its edge by mashing-up the rave scene with hip-hop, skateboading and big dollop of Computer Club.

…and the first rule of Computer Club is? The party is on the Internet.

The problem is the Internet is like the school playgound.

So you need to get in with the cool gang if gamers are going to take you seriously. But being ‘in’ with the cool gang is not the easiest thing to do. Especially if you’re perceived as the specky kid, the greedy kid or worse your dad.

So perhaps the best approach is try to be the sweet shop owner. You’re cool because you have the nicest sweets. Haarah! Now just add a bit of Willy Wonka magic.

What are you waiting for? Want some of the action?

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