I must be drinking far too much this week, I keep confusing the Cannes mega-stars with our own MRM London superstars. First up, I thought our head of Quality of Assurance, Marty Cunnington was presenting The Third Screen in the Debussy theatre. It was in fact R/GA’s chairman Bob Greenberg. Got quality? No doubt about […]

Joining the participation debate

Hot off the press -Participation has become a fifth element in the classic marketing formula known as the Four Ps: product, pricing, placement and promotion, according to today’s Cannes Lions Daily. Delegates attending Tuesday’s MRM Worldwide seminar, The Age Of Participation, were given advice by Reuben Hendell and Alastair Duncan on how to harness that […]

Pepsi for the people

It might only be sugary, fizzy water, but hey! It’s your sugary, fizzy water! Pepsi has embraced democratic packaging design, and you can all feel that little bit closer to owning a piece of the magic that is sugary, fizzy water by voting for your favorite ‘user generated’ packaging design. Looking at option one I […]

The Electrolux ‘Time manager’ experience

Patrick Chamberlin recently forwarded a link to an excellent article on user experience, as it relates to product design, by Peter Merholtz on We in the UE world debate this kind of stuff all of time (and boy does time fly). Our standard mantra of ‘Put the user first’ is basically short-hand for ‘Understand […]

The Machine is Us/ing us

The ubiquitous buzzword Web 2.0 means something different to everyone, from lickable logos to semantic markup to web-based startups who sell out for millions before they even launch. This vagueness means it’s inadvisable to even mention “Web two-oh” unless you explicitly define what you mean, as there’s no guarantee that the people you’re talking have […]