Coming to a galaxy near you: Star Wars video mashups

Lucasfilm, not known for it’s relaxed attitude to copyright issues, will tomorrow release Star Wars footage for users to mash up and post on their myspace pages. The deal with the online video editor Eyespot is interesting as it goes beyond the photo masher available on the official site, which requires photoshop skills (and your own copy of photoshop).

According to Mashable, Lucasfilm and Eyespot are splitting the revenue generated, but I don’t think George is doing it for the money. Lucasfilm have realised that copyright paranoia isn’t a good strategy for engagement, and if the UGC party is going to happen anyway, you may as well have it at your place. That way you keep a little control, get the website traffic, the brand kudos. And perhaps just keep the brand alive – according to a Lucasfilm exec quoted on the WSJ: “We’re really trying to position ourselves for the next 30 years.”

The next Special Edition DVD box set could have your name on it.

Star Wars Photo Masher

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