Less is more for Teletext

Teletext blah blahI am intrigued by the recent Teletext “no more blah, blah, blah” brand repositioning campaign. Lets face it, its not the easiest brief in the world…make what is seen by many as an outdated – now almost defunct since the advent of the Internet – TV broadcast based information service which first launched in the 70s relevant to today’s consumers: http://www.visit4info.com/details.cfm?adid=43510

And whilst there have been many improvements to the Teletext product which bring it into the digital world, including mobile content delivery and the integration with Freeview to provide electronic programme guides – there is still an abiding memory out there of the clunky interface, retro ZX Spectrum style graphics and bargain basement holidays.

So its an interesting approach to focus the proposition on their editorial approach, tapping into the whole information overload malaise and positioning Teletext as offering bitesized, succint information. I have to say though, I am still left asking the question – how is that any better to the bitesized, succint online information sources i already use? But I guess this is a first and necessary step for them before differentiating themselves further within the category. And I can’t help but be pleased to see such a well loved, truly useful in its time, brand getting a bit of a facelift! Let’s not forget – at the time of the London bombings when many websites were falling over due to excessive demand – Teletext, which being a broadcast service isn’t effected by traffic volumes, was still up and running and reporting.

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