Can a community design a car?

Open source car designCommunity and collaboration concepts are all the vogue right now amongst brand owners and agencies alike – but what are the limits of what a community can achieve? Are there any limits? This is the interesting question which comes to mind when considering the OScar project:
set-up to enable car enthusiasts to come together to colloborate and design the ideal car to increase world mobility.

We all know how with a few rules individuals can group together into self regulating online communities focused on creating and sharing content, even developing and editing code as with the open source movement. But to extend this to something as complex and more importantly “physical” as designing a car is an intriguing extension of the concept. Business gurus have pondered for many years on whether or not the principles of open source could be applied to other areas of life than software development. Will be fascinating to see how this and other such projects fare in the quest for “mass creativity”.

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