Coming to a galaxy near you: Star Wars video mashups

Lucasfilm, not known for it’s relaxed attitude to copyright issues, will tomorrow release Star Wars footage for users to mash up and post on their myspace pages. The deal with the online video editor Eyespot is interesting as it goes beyond the photo masher available on the official site, which requires photoshop skills (and your […]

Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users

Having read the categorisations from the “Pew Internet Project’s Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users” report I had myself down as a “Lackluster Veteran”. So much so that I thought I’d better start some blog posts here and get a Facebook account, just to see where it takes me. However when I did the […]

Can a community design a car?

Community and collaboration concepts are all the vogue right now amongst brand owners and agencies alike – but what are the limits of what a community can achieve? Are there any limits? This is the interesting question which comes to mind when considering the OScar project: set-up to enable car enthusiasts to come together […]

dotSUB – ‘Any film in any language’

dotSUB enables users to upload a video for online translation from anyone else. So you can view Bugs Bunny in Arabic, or Rocketboom in Hebrew, Mandarin, Esperanto, Finnish, Japanese. The tool is wiki-based, and should prove quite a good resource for improving the accessibility of video content in any language. The Rocketboom episode below describes […]

‘Traditional media may face extinction’ FT report

Here’s an interesting article in the Financial Times weekly review of the Fund Management industry, where Alastair is quoted extensively on the technological revolution taking place in the media sector: “It’s harder for brands to control their message on the internet” “The best brands allow the consumer to get involved”