Vote For The Worst

This is sweet. is playing Simon Cowell at his own game on American Idol.

Contestants get chosen not just for their singing ability but their ‘story’, their ability to make audiences sigh, weep and laugh with them, or jeer at them. The show wouldn’t be the same without the misfits and no-hopers Simon et al get to slag off. But they never win, right?

Now, VFTW have started a SUCCESSFUL campaign to keep all those ugly, tone-deaf no-hopers in – right to the end.

It makes for better TV (in a car crash sort of way) yet might actually end up getting the show taken off air.

If the ‘real’ ‘talents’ don’t make it through, mainstream USandA will switch off, ditto advertisers, and finally ta ta Simon.

It’s not like those ‘we can make Jedi an official religion’ or ‘stop Ronaldo getting player of the tournament’ email campaigns. They’re little effort and one hit. This is paid for, week in week out, and unlikely to be fixed by an overseer because who’s to say they’re not genuine callers?

Just shows it always helps to have a higher goal…

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