The Agency of the Future

Panic stations for agencies. Attending a recent MediaTel seminar on our digital future, how encouraging is it to hear a spokesperson from Yahoo comment about how incredibly ignorant senior managers in agencies are about digital? Red button? No clue. Blogging? Er… Web 2.0? Ah yes, new sports car, I had one of those Alfa Romeo Spyders once, lively engine, lovely mover…

I remember the good old days of telling my agency at the time how important interactivity was in 1995! All very exciting, but no serious business built – so we had to go and do it ourselves. I’m pleased to report now that we built a serious business, probably by not taking ourselves to seriously, but by wanting to innovate and learn the technology properly. Ah, how things have moved on. Now they listen, but I am not sure they really understand, still. The debate about the agency of the future is a live one, but who having the debate will be in one?

Britain is fabulous at innovation, not so hot at distributing or manufacturing. That’s why it’s a great place to be right now, in an agency that has tested new models, seen the future (a bit), and wants to be good at operationalising itself to meet the challenge of the digital future. We all know consumers are harder to reach now than ever. We like the idea of participation based communication strategies because without consumer participation, there is no effective strategy from now on.

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