Web 2.5 – revenge of the suits

On the London Underground over the last few days I’ve seen two little tube card ads in a striking graphical style (for the underground) – headline only, no copy, and no brand/product, just a web address as signoff http://www.information-revolution.org/

One says ‘70% of online information comes through 1 company’ – which is the sort of thing that lots of companies would love to be able to say and shout about in their ads. Fine. I was just surprised they didn’t put their name to it, but might be a teaser, whatever

The other says stop the online search monopoly’ (or words to that effect). Aha says me, it’s a bad thing, and we should protect our liberties or summat.
This is where it gets weird.
The website has the look and feel and earnestness of a leftie activist project to mobilise people against tyranny. It wants to you to join the movement, buy the T-shirt!

But then the ASK founder is on the homepage telling you about trying something new… And their logo is on there…
Naughty, naughty. The comments already posted on the site say it perfectly.

Hahhahah… this is a cynical site by ‘ask’ to get us to use their appalling search engine instead of google. not only is it based on a lie – that we ave no choice over which engine to use, its promoting a crap company AND it’s doing so by pretending to be a non-commercial, social activist site

Way to go, Jeeves, now you’re not only incompetent and stupid, you’re evil as wel. Well done!

If this is an attempt at brand-repositioning you guys are in trouble – my first glimpse of the info revolution was being told I don’t have the
right version of Flash! Everyone liked the tube ad, hated the site. Why is that?? This isn’t web 2.0 it’s web 2.5 revenge of the suits. (Do you
want the full analysis?)

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