Celebrity and Social. With a Vienna twist.

So what’s BBC Radio 1 DJ doing in Vienna? Checking it out in our latest project for the Vienna Tourist Board, who’d like to build appeal amongst a younger metropolitan audience. Vienna’s the place your parents visit, but it’s a lovely city, not far, not expensive, and not too bad all round. After a pretty intense whistle stop tour of Vienna’s sights, Reggie did a club set till the early hours at the Volksgarten club in downtown Wien. See the write ups here and the video blog  Reggie Does Vienna


Wired on the iPad.

Wired on the iPad. Is this just more stuff to read on a screen or ‘do stuff with’ on a screen? a) Just how many ipad magazine subscriptions will Wired need to sell to get close to print revenues?  b) The subject matter of the magazine makes no difference to the mindset of the magazine publisher – it’s print on the web innit. c) Declared interest: I read wired and rather like it as it is :-)