Alex Bogusky seems to agree with me

“The question for creative agencies is whether they can wake up, react to what’s going on, engage the crowd, and make themselves a part of the new reality.” So says Jon Winsor (Crispin Porter’s innovation guy) in Business Week, and Alex Bogusky on his blog this last week. Crowdsourcing is on the increase, but it’s no longer a fashionable or trendy business idea. It’s a real model for customer engagement. And the pressure is on creative industries to work out how to manage it.

The oft quoted Dell IdeasStorm and My Starbucks Idea are great examples of endeavour to gain customer approval, but how many of the ideas suggested actually got produced or implemented? Not very many, is the answer. And the reason? It’s pretty tough to review 7000 ideas. The next wave of crowdsource business model will see crowdsourcing gatekeepers emerge.Watch this space people. Participation marketing is a reality.

Participation Painting – with Yoko Ono

At the tasting sessions with old friends this week – London’s first snowfall evening – I grab the opportunity to participate in Yoko Ono’s participation painting experience. She cuts out ‘I LOVE YOU’ in a piece of acrylic and lays that over a canvas. You add your bit, and after a while, she removes the acrylic leaving the words ‘I LOVE YOU’ painted on the canvas. Canvases from exhibitions around the world go to New York for the grand finale. It’s pretty cool and goes to show that participation is not just for postmodern marketers. She’s been doing it since 1966 apparently. After bagism, UGC is all you need.

Yoko Ono Painting