The brands everybody wants to work with

A survey of advertising agency leaders by the Talent Business throws up some interesting results. First – I’ll declare an interest in that I’ve worked with over half of these companies on global and UK based activities. Second, an analysis of the companies investment in marketing and the processes by which they manage their brands might produce a slightly different result. Albeit that the companies on the left are recognised for buying ‘ideas’ more than the companies on the right. Third, I wonder how the brands working with agencies that are constantly hankering after ‘better’ clients feel?

brands with the x factor

idea or no idea?

Celebrity and Social. With a Vienna twist.

So what’s BBC Radio 1 DJ doing in Vienna? Checking it out for the Vienna Tourist Board, who’d like to build appeal amongst a younger metropolitan audience. Vienna’s the place your parents visit, but it’s a lovely city, not far, not expensive, and not too bad all round. After a pretty intense whistle stop tour of Vienna’s sights, Reggie did a club set till the early hours at the Volksgarten club in downtown Wien. See the write ups here and the video blog on youtube here Reggie Does Vienna

Learn by doing.

Top tips on getting things made. I’m a great fan of the ideo product development model, which is plain old common sense. Refreshing to hear the stories of people that make things. It continues to drive me mad hearing the ‘digital pontificates’ that have never made anything. Try producing 100 web products and see what you have to say then, IMHO.

Guitar Hero Tosser antidote: socially generated music video

Inside a Dead Skyscraper is a music video game for the song “The building” by Jesse Stiles. Produced by Molleindustria. It’s quite seductive, and you can participate in  playing it here.

creating music video through gaming

creating music video through gaming

The song is from the album “Target Museum” Specific Recordings – 2010. The game and the song are based on Jesse’s brief tenure as a videographer in the partially destroyed buildings surrounding the World Trade Center site. The idea is meant to be a critical answer to the proliferation of rhythm games like Guitar Hero. These karaoke-derived products simply capitalise on already successful music, generating royalties for a dying record industry and reinforcing the mythology of the rock star as super-human that common people should identify with.

An alternative approach to the musical game form links the independent music and independent games scenes. Indie music games could promote unknown bands to the multi-tasking, hyperactive, interaction-addicted new generation. They could enhance the listening experience whilst being autonomous works as the best music videos have in the last 30 years.

Is there a way to win or to lose?
Not really.

Note originally published under creative commons license July 2010 by molleindustria